Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snowflake Afghan

Snowflake afghan 1/3 complete. Hope to have finish project within the next week. Well I still am not done yet. I have about 3 of 9 strips left to connect. The folks at Crochetville have led me to soooooooo many patterns that I have been jumping from project to project and have not made it back to this one yet. Posted by Hello


Dot said...

That is so beautiful! It's coming along nicely.

Jingle_Lady said...

That is beautiful!

Nancy said...

Lucy, I just love this afghan. It's one that I want to make for myself once I finish making ones for others! ha

Great job!! Have you gotten any more on it?

noricum said...

That's so pretty! Is it your own pattern, or where did you get it?

Lucy said... This is the site for the snowflake afghan. I am almost finish, just have one more strip to add.