Thursday, May 19, 2005

Having a great time!!!

Monday Doug went to pick up T, daughter in PA, and grandson. They were home when we got back from chemo, but we had to wait a bit for T and Mark to get back from the other grandma's. It is sooooooooooooo nice to have them here. Doug says it looks like a tornado went through the house. Just not enough room for all the things necessary for a baby.

Saturday is our local Relay for Life. P is really excited. However, the chemo she is taking does nasty things to your feet & hands. Her feet are really sore so she will only be able to walk the survivors lap. If it wasn't for those darn feet she would be all over that place. But we are so thankful that she does not have more side effects. She handles the chemo really well, never been sick from it, just tired. It's funny they give her Decadron, steroid, prior to administering the chemo. The decadron keeps her wide awake even though she is tired. :(

Monday, May 16, 2005

Two Days and counting

Grandson will be here soon, oh yea so will daughter. :) In just about 36 hours they will be here for a week then they will go to the in-laws for a few more days. We are excited. We have a busy week ahead with the ACS Relay for Life this coming weekend. It will be exhausting but fun!!! Our team has raised well over our $2,500 goal as set by Pati, our captain.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mark in his froggy outfit. This is one of the most recent pictures. I loved this outfit so much that I had bought two of them in two sizes. I really thought Traci could return the size she didn't think he could wear this year. Perhaps she kept both!!! I would not blame her.  Posted by Hello
Grandma & Mark, who's enjoying this more?  Posted by Hello
This is the baby afghan I made for Drew's mommy. Drew was born on April 27, 2005. Posted by Hello
This is the round ripple afghan, pattern available free on line. It was so easy. Now I just need to find a baby to give this to. :) Posted by Hello
Just a couple of the poncho's I have made from Chelle's pattern. These are so easy and just soooooooo cute!!! Posted by Hello
Here are a couple of purses I made while on vacation. I ended up making three of them, each with a different size crochet hook, Until I got it the size Traci wanted. I had made myself one and could not remember what size hook I used, and she wanted hers the same size as mine.  Posted by Hello
Joe, T and Mark. They are soooooooo wonderful about getting lots of pictures to us. Can't wait for them to get home, lets see....... 10 days and counting!! Posted by Hello
Rose asked me to make an "I Love You" book mark. This is what I came up with, haven't taken a picture with the 'bookmark' part on it yet. Plus I still need to write the pattern down so I can make more for her. I better get with it she will be here is a couple weeks. Posted by Hello
Grandpa Doug and Mark when we visited PA Posted by Hello
How cute is he!!  Posted by Hello

Catching up....MRI results

It has been a while since I posted to my blog. Not something I check on too much. I'm gonna have to do better. We again received WONDERFUL news regarding P. Her MRI from the end of April showed no change. WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is just wonderful and I thank God for this wonderful news. She is having a few other issues though, unrelated to the cancer. But she is a toughie!!! She amazes me!!

I must get a new picture of Mark, grandson who is now 7 months old. My other daughter T and Mark will be here in 11 days. We cannot wait.

I have not yet finished the snowflake afghan. I had it all sewn together and decided it needed one more row, so I just have to sew the last row of snowflakes on and then do the trim around.
I have 3 squares/rectangles to do on the Ribbon afghan. I had a heck of a time finding the colors I wanted, without buying a full skein for just a small amount. Fortunately I only had to buy on skein for the yellow ribbon. The relay is in two weeks so I better get going on that.
I just find too many things to do. The villagers at Crochetville just show me soooooo much that I want to print the patterns and get right to those. The heck with the things that need to be completed.
Enough for now, I'm gonna try to post pictures now. That will take a while. I'm gonna have to start doing it more often so I can get the hang of it.