Thursday, May 19, 2005

Having a great time!!!

Monday Doug went to pick up T, daughter in PA, and grandson. They were home when we got back from chemo, but we had to wait a bit for T and Mark to get back from the other grandma's. It is sooooooooooooo nice to have them here. Doug says it looks like a tornado went through the house. Just not enough room for all the things necessary for a baby.

Saturday is our local Relay for Life. P is really excited. However, the chemo she is taking does nasty things to your feet & hands. Her feet are really sore so she will only be able to walk the survivors lap. If it wasn't for those darn feet she would be all over that place. But we are so thankful that she does not have more side effects. She handles the chemo really well, never been sick from it, just tired. It's funny they give her Decadron, steroid, prior to administering the chemo. The decadron keeps her wide awake even though she is tired. :(

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